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Sectors we address
* Basic Metal Industry
* Industrial Cabinet, Panel, Rack and Ladders
* Energy and Climate
(Burners, Oven, Solar Energy, heating, air conditioning, boiler, radiators, stoves, Installation)

* Home, Kitchen and Bath Wares
* Fabricated Metal Products, and Other Products
* Ship Manufacturing Industry
* Construction
( Steel Construction, Hardware, Hand Tools, etc.)
* Marble Industry
* Automotive Industry
(Auto Body and Parts)
* Agricultural Equipment and Machinery
* Medical Devices and Equipment
    Since 1985 Saglam Makina has taken an important place forthe manufacturing of welding machines. Concept of the service ant the priorities of SaglamMakina has never been changed from the beginning. Because we never compromised the principles of our product and service qualities, the profitability is not our primary goal. Also we gain a friendship with our customers that will not be terminated after sales. That’s why thestrong technical service of our company will be appreciated to serve our customers.

    We have a wide range of products with traditional and special purposed welding machines that produced according to your business and design requests. We would like to bring the diversities of the world to our country and also the diversities of our country to the country which we have strong business reletionship.